Sunday, 14 July 2013

Try These 5 Best Salon Promotional Ideas for Your Beauty Salon

At some point of time you might have thought, why not attach a tag to your client’s locks that reads “Haircut by Steven”? While other are advertizing their brands on fancy T-Shirts and Caps.

But you should have known that even if you did great looking haircut to Tom Cruise, that won’t send any new clients to your salon. And you should never think of these ideas for promoting your beauty salon business. There are lots of ways you can prosper your brand to your desired audience.

In a business like this you can go beyond the traditional marketing and use various creative products that are more helpful to propagate your brand. 

So here are top 5 Beauty Salon Promotional Ideas for you.

Funky Business Cards

It is a traditional marketing technique, but using creativity on your side will make your business cards more appealing and has a possibility of increasing exposure. 

Photo Frames

Frequently taking photos of your clients hair styles and give them back with photo frames incorporating your logo.

Trendy Drawstring Backpack

There are many designs to choose form for using this type of drawstring backpacks, innovating a new way can increase your brand popularity.


This one is on top of my mind, if used wisely; they are a walking billboard of your brand logo. Wrist bands never lose their shine.

Appointment Calendars

Calendars play a major role in promoting any kind of business effectively. Since you are having a salon, on can give away calendars with trendy hair styles.

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