Monday, 6 May 2013

6 Effective Ways Small Business can use Promotional Items to Promote their Brand

Many small businesses thrive to compete in this fast faced world to expand its customer base and improve name recognition. Throwing out your money in media is a high cost factor and initial start ups can’t afford that much of amount to be invested while they are just growing up. With small investment small business can be stand out in the crowd by using promotionalproducts to their existing customers or giving away useful products with their logo imprinted, which in return attract great customer base to the given small business.

Today many small business owners use promotional items as an effective tool to promote their business brand. These promotional items comes in a variety of styles and causes, which likely be used on a daily basis by many potential customers. The interesting funda here is to finding keeper products that fits to your business service.

Keeper products are anything which potential customers tend to keep with them without just throwing them away, which make sense that they can be easily converted to your business service and can bring a lot of customers to your business. Here, you need to make sure that your promotional products have quality and durable which lasts for a long time and can bring benefits to your potential customers.

Let’s have a look at 6 ways small business can effectively use Promotional Items.

#1 Give’em at Trade Shows
 Trade shows are essential places where you can give away promotional products with your logo on it, if your product is re-usable, then your company gets seen over and over again. You should consider giving away your product to qualifying customers, because you would be losing so much money giving away your products to non qualifying customers.

Don’t  go with items based on price, as quality is important factor while your customer decides to take your service or not. If you are trying to spend a dollar on a particular product, try getting a equivalent amount of quality products like, hence your customer converts well.

#2 Give’em to your Existing Customers
This is the best known technique to sky rocket your business sales, by giving away cool promotional items to your existing customers when they buy something from you; that product alone can be a great factor to virally promote your business with the help of existing customers. So be imaginative while giving away promotional products to your existing customers.

#3 Give’em as incentives to your Sales People
Yes, these can be given as incentives to your own sales people. Consider on of the best sales people who reached your target and give them away promo products like T-Shirts, Caps, Hats, Custom Plastic Cups etc. this little investment often considered as best investment for a long run.

#4 Give’em at Public Relations Events
A company’s public relations event helps them to mingle with potential customers to know more about their company to the general public. These items can be given to make greater impact on your company’s profile, hand them out some duffel bags and promotional travel mugs with your logo.

#5 Give’em through Social Media
Social media followers for your brand are potential advocates for your sales success; appreciate them with giving away free promotional items. Make a contest in any social media site like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. sort out some influential customers and hand out your personalized stuff like cheap 1 GB Flash Drives to them, this helps get your brand out of the crowd.

#6 Give’em to your beloved Employees
Employees are the companies back bone; they should be given equal amount of consideration to improve a company’s growth. Find out best employees in your business and appreciate with a high quality personalized promotional product, this can have positive impact on your brands recognition.

So, these are some of the many ways a small business can use promotional items that helps them promote their brand and generate leads to their business. Just think of ways how you can go in to the minds of customers and make everlasting impression to your customers, also consider wholesale business card holders from

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