Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 Unexpected Funny Promotional Items That Can Increase Your Campaign

When it comes to promoting your business with various promotional products, it obviously pays if your product is unique and looks trendy when compared to your competitors. There is a lot of room out there to customize your products with latest trends and showoff uniqueness to your audience.

If you are trying out something funny or totally different from the traditional promotional products, we have a great list of funny and cute promotional items for you to choose from for your next promotional campaign.

They may seem quite weird but, it would be cool to be funny sometimes.

1) Custom Ties
If you are happen to watch how 20th century fox advertised their brand with a funky tie which looks exactly like a fox’s tail. That’s for sure, one will attract to these type of innovative ways on promoting their brand. with a slight change according to your requirement you too can use this way to attract your desired consumers.

2) Logo on candy
Ah, candies, who won’t love them! And what if the candy is with your logo? Now a days, with the help of technology, one can easily integrate custom logos on to the candy bar allowing you to take the most of your marketing campaign.

3) Funky Masks
With a little funky brain storming these little paper masks can be a great tool to promote your brand.

4) Funny Mugs
Mugs with various funny designs and creative titles are increasingly gaining popularity for its uniqueness and the way anybody can integrate their funny words on to the coffee mugs.

5) Personalized Funny T-shirts
Who doesn’t like to receive a T-Shirt? With today’s technology you can easily integrate various funny images and texts on to the T-Shirts allowing you to promote your brand to the masses.

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