Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Social Media and Promotional Merchandise – How They Increase Your Existing Marketing Strategy

One of the top reasons marketers use promotional merchandise is to increase brand awareness, many marketers are turning towards social media experts for their brand engagement in conjugation with promotional items.
If your existing marketing strategy is moving slow, one can expect some improvement with the help of online social media and promotional products. Delivering rewards to your existing customers who like or share your products information on Face book, Twitter etc. will be a rewarding benefit to improve your brand awareness.
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Drive Engagement to Events
Tradeshows and events are a great way to engage with your existing customers and have a great impact with your desired audience. Giving away promotional items with your brand logo at tradeshows is quite common; one has to think differently while promoting their brand.
With this on hand you can ask your customers to write a review about services you offered, like they used and satisfied with your products.

Motivate your Employees
That been said, happy employees can generate good customers and it is true to a large extent. Internal contests and sponsoring awards to your employees leaves a great impact on your employees, which in return make your brand recognized well to others.

Ask for Testimonials
Asking testimonials to write on social media profiles will not only increase your ROI but also it ensures in making a decision for a new customer to buy your products. A testimonial plays a major role in engaging consumers and adapting new customers to your brand. With good on your brand it is rest assured that you can gain maximum exposure to your brand. Read this on how to motivate your employees

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