Monday, 26 August 2013

7 Most brilliant Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Guerrilla marketing is term used in most advertising agencies; with the help of guerrilla marketing make brands achieved their success using various campaigns that are not only effective but also worth promoting.

In this post we gather some of the brilliant guerrilla marketing campaigns ever for your inspiration, Guerrilla marketing is a great way of advertising using unusual and surreal visuals that passerby will remember and memories their brands.

1. Do not drink and drive by Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania

2. Tailgating isn't worth it by for the Colorado State Patrol

3. Advertisement for Mc Donald's Zebrastreifen

4.  Fat Burning Pill advertisement for GNC Burn 60

5. Creative Kit Kat advertisement

6. Baby sleeping aid for Milwaukee Health Department

7. Creative erasers to promote Alzheimers disease

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cool Promotional Product of the Day - Bottle Openers

We love promotional products as much you do, for every brand to exceed its limits and get to the top of the competitors they must use creativity in their marketing/advertising strategy. At the end of the day only unique and creative products will get maximum attention from your customers. 

So, dear readers, we are conducting a daily roundup where you can find most creative and unique promotional items that inspire you for your next promotional giveaway campaign.

Today’s cool promotional product is Bottle Opener, custom bottle openers are fantastic giveaway product for any business. Bottle openers are used in day to day life and are more likely to stick with the customers, and also they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other premium products.

Ace Bottle Opener 
Aluminum Key chain Bottle Opener

Apple Bottle Opener
 Casual Bottle Opener
 Quality Key chain Bottle Opener
 Bullet Bottle Opener
 Credit Card Bottle Opener
 Deluxe Bottle Opener Key Chain
 Fan Can Bottle Openers
 Funky Bottle Opener
 Horse Head Bottle Opener

 Nail Log Bottle Opener
 One Handed Bottle Opener
 Pocket Bottle Opener
 Carabiner Bottle Opener
 Wrench Bottle Opener
 Zombie Bottle Opener
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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Conducting Health Awareness Programs for Brand Promotion

Whatever you do in promoting your brand to desired market, one should do it in a unique way. For that we have to think in a different angle and stay ahead in the market and make of note of what is going on in our surroundings.

Now-a-days, we see so many health concerns due to our environmental and physical issues. Everybody is facing some serious health issues and nobody is going to help stop the increase of spreading diseases, while helping get awareness of any particular viral and spreading disease, brands can use this option to stay ahead in the market and show their reaction for any cause internationally.

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Let us keep a tab on some of the popular health awareness programs and similar products, which helps promoting your brand.

Drug Awareness

Drug awareness or Drug education is a medium to educate young people with the deadly effects of using toxic drugs in their early stages. For this type of programs we can use promotional products like drug free ribbons, plastic lapel pins and educational books.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a fastest growing disease with women, and with the help of this awareness program, one can show their interest by giving away pink products and demonstrating how to early recognize the symptoms of breast cancer. There are many products that help promote their brand if planned correctly.

AIDS Awareness

Every year, 1st of the December is dedicated to the AIDS awareness caused by the spread of HIV infection. One can use this cause and help promote AIDS awareness and your brand too, it is a one on one deal.

Alcohol Awareness

Heavy intake of Alcohol in their teen ages is determined as Alcoholism, this is a wide spread one, because of its addictiveness. There may be less people conducting awareness programs for Alcoholism, you can take the advantage of conducting Alcoholism awareness and promote your brand. 

Have a look at this Slideshare presentation on health awareness programs for brand promotion.