Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cool Promotional Product of the Day - Bottle Openers

We love promotional products as much you do, for every brand to exceed its limits and get to the top of the competitors they must use creativity in their marketing/advertising strategy. At the end of the day only unique and creative products will get maximum attention from your customers. 

So, dear readers, we are conducting a daily roundup where you can find most creative and unique promotional items that inspire you for your next promotional giveaway campaign.

Today’s cool promotional product is Bottle Opener, custom bottle openers are fantastic giveaway product for any business. Bottle openers are used in day to day life and are more likely to stick with the customers, and also they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other premium products.

Ace Bottle Opener 
Aluminum Key chain Bottle Opener

Apple Bottle Opener
 Casual Bottle Opener
 Quality Key chain Bottle Opener
 Bullet Bottle Opener
 Credit Card Bottle Opener
 Deluxe Bottle Opener Key Chain
 Fan Can Bottle Openers
 Funky Bottle Opener
 Horse Head Bottle Opener

 Nail Log Bottle Opener
 One Handed Bottle Opener
 Pocket Bottle Opener
 Carabiner Bottle Opener
 Wrench Bottle Opener
 Zombie Bottle Opener
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