Sunday, 28 July 2013

How Promotional Pens Increase your Brand Exposure

The success of any business lies in the exposure of its brand image. For a good business strategy on should build their brand without investing a large sum of money. Now, here comes the plan of personalized gifts, with the help of customized gifts, they can market their business to the target audience and meet their goals successfully.

Using promotional Gifts in Business

As we already know that promotional gifts are an affordable way to prove your corporate identity, however, these products project professional image of any business. There should be a perfect strategy for any promotional marketing, where you can create a long lasting impact on your potential customers. Moreover, one can gift these items to their potential employees and visitors, which will help them, stick with your brand.

The benefits are endless with promotional items, this marketing technique looks professional and is very cost-effective and a lot of people attract to your business with the help of these promotional items. Items which are professionally engraved with your brand logo will last longer in your consumers mind and attract target audience.

Personalized pens for your business

Pens have a historic image and are used by many people including students, professionals and common people. While using engraved pens for your business, one has to closely look at their color, design, style and size as per their reference. Always select best manufacturers that provide quality pens for your marketing strategy.

These promotional pens act as a perfect medium for creating brand awareness and moreover they are recyclable which does not affect our environment.

How to Find Manufactures for Personalized Pens

There are a numerous promotional products manufacturers in this industry which help you to create your personalized products in a quick and professional way. Choosing a best manufacturer is a bit tricky as many cannot guarantee best outcome for your proposal, one has to look into their previous business, their testimonials and their quality of the products.

There is also another thing to keep in mind, that is, time of delivery; some manufacturers give you the same day for take a lot of time to process your order. Choose a best shipment to deliver your order, in order to reach you quickly and safely and also make sure that they come in a proper packaging before you make your order.

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Power of Internal Marketing - GrethCase

Internal marketing is used to motivate your employees to help build their brand and to carry on with their brand. Here is a informative info graphic describing the power of internal marketing, the info graphic is made by famous marketing analyst and blogger Garethcase

He shows how many brands effect using improper ways of internal marketing and unable to maintain employee satisfaction.
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Social Media and Promotional Merchandise – How They Increase Your Existing Marketing Strategy

One of the top reasons marketers use promotional merchandise is to increase brand awareness, many marketers are turning towards social media experts for their brand engagement in conjugation with promotional items.
If your existing marketing strategy is moving slow, one can expect some improvement with the help of online social media and promotional products. Delivering rewards to your existing customers who like or share your products information on Face book, Twitter etc. will be a rewarding benefit to improve your brand awareness.
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Drive Engagement to Events
Tradeshows and events are a great way to engage with your existing customers and have a great impact with your desired audience. Giving away promotional items with your brand logo at tradeshows is quite common; one has to think differently while promoting their brand.
With this on hand you can ask your customers to write a review about services you offered, like they used and satisfied with your products.

Motivate your Employees
That been said, happy employees can generate good customers and it is true to a large extent. Internal contests and sponsoring awards to your employees leaves a great impact on your employees, which in return make your brand recognized well to others.

Ask for Testimonials
Asking testimonials to write on social media profiles will not only increase your ROI but also it ensures in making a decision for a new customer to buy your products. A testimonial plays a major role in engaging consumers and adapting new customers to your brand. With good on your brand it is rest assured that you can gain maximum exposure to your brand. Read this on how to motivate your employees

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Try These 5 Best Salon Promotional Ideas for Your Beauty Salon

At some point of time you might have thought, why not attach a tag to your client’s locks that reads “Haircut by Steven”? While other are advertizing their brands on fancy T-Shirts and Caps.

But you should have known that even if you did great looking haircut to Tom Cruise, that won’t send any new clients to your salon. And you should never think of these ideas for promoting your beauty salon business. There are lots of ways you can prosper your brand to your desired audience.

In a business like this you can go beyond the traditional marketing and use various creative products that are more helpful to propagate your brand. 

So here are top 5 Beauty Salon Promotional Ideas for you.

Funky Business Cards

It is a traditional marketing technique, but using creativity on your side will make your business cards more appealing and has a possibility of increasing exposure. 

Photo Frames

Frequently taking photos of your clients hair styles and give them back with photo frames incorporating your logo.

Trendy Drawstring Backpack

There are many designs to choose form for using this type of drawstring backpacks, innovating a new way can increase your brand popularity.


This one is on top of my mind, if used wisely; they are a walking billboard of your brand logo. Wrist bands never lose their shine.

Appointment Calendars

Calendars play a major role in promoting any kind of business effectively. Since you are having a salon, on can give away calendars with trendy hair styles.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Quick Recap Video - 5 Best Summer Camp Promotional Items - Watch Now

Here is a quick video on what are some of the best and trending summer camp promotional products to promote your brand. Have a look a this short video and feel free to add your view below.
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5 Unexpected Funny Promotional Items That Can Increase Your Campaign

When it comes to promoting your business with various promotional products, it obviously pays if your product is unique and looks trendy when compared to your competitors. There is a lot of room out there to customize your products with latest trends and showoff uniqueness to your audience.

If you are trying out something funny or totally different from the traditional promotional products, we have a great list of funny and cute promotional items for you to choose from for your next promotional campaign.

They may seem quite weird but, it would be cool to be funny sometimes.

1) Custom Ties
If you are happen to watch how 20th century fox advertised their brand with a funky tie which looks exactly like a fox’s tail. That’s for sure, one will attract to these type of innovative ways on promoting their brand. with a slight change according to your requirement you too can use this way to attract your desired consumers.

2) Logo on candy
Ah, candies, who won’t love them! And what if the candy is with your logo? Now a days, with the help of technology, one can easily integrate custom logos on to the candy bar allowing you to take the most of your marketing campaign.

3) Funky Masks
With a little funky brain storming these little paper masks can be a great tool to promote your brand.

4) Funny Mugs
Mugs with various funny designs and creative titles are increasingly gaining popularity for its uniqueness and the way anybody can integrate their funny words on to the coffee mugs.

5) Personalized Funny T-shirts
Who doesn’t like to receive a T-Shirt? With today’s technology you can easily integrate various funny images and texts on to the T-Shirts allowing you to promote your brand to the masses.