Friday, 22 March 2013

10 Ways To Promote Your Business With Customized USB Flash Drives

Life become easier with the evolution of USB flash drives – also known as memory sticks – now we don’t need to carry loads of floppy disks and resume environmental hazards up to some extent. There are many advantages of using USB flash drives for everyone.

Unique ways to use USB flash drives

USB Flash Drives can be used in different innovative way, not only just storing and retrieving data. It can be used as a virtual machine which lowers the risk of data losses for many computers.

  • Locking your computer – when you are not using your computer you can easily lock your   computer and use this USB to unlock your computer.
  • Run Portable Applications – You can install and run portable games and utilities.
  • Virtual Operating system – Install win7 or 8 in external mode.
  • Secure your files – You can encrypt USB so that no one can steal your data.
  • Scan for virus – You can scan crippled computers with the use of in built virus scanners.

Cool ways to promote your brand with Promotional USB Flash drives

Promoting your brand is the important task for you to accomplish your goals. If the promotion is good, your company will sky rocket in sales. Using Cheap 1 GB flash drives has its own advantages in promoting your company. So here are top ten ways to market your product with 1 GB flash drive bulk.

#1 Giving away at Elementary schools
Now it’s the schools season, everybody is in a hurry to prepare plans, home works etc. It is very necessary for students as well as teachers to have USB flash drives to ensure smooth and fast work.

#2 Travelers
Travel agencies need flash drives, with the continuous travelers they are most likely to carry flash drives to access their data while traveling.

#3 Photographers
With digital cameras using all over the world, usage of digital images is a must for every photographer. Hence they need custom USB drives to save their beautiful shots.

#4 Non-Profit Organizations
It is the best place to promote your brand with your logo on flash drives, you not only helping the organization but also help promote your own brand with a good cause.

#5 Music Festivals
You can just give out your custom made flash drives with preloaded best songs to ensure them to get noticed.

#6 Engineering Collages
Tell them that environment is in danger, save trees use Flash drives for any type of work.

#7 Give ‘em to best Employees
Give it as gift of admiration to your best in the industry employees.

#8 E-books in Flash drives
You can preload some best E-books in your custom made USB Flash drives and give it as a gift to book lovers. They will admire you and will never forget you.

#9 Job fairs
Give them away with your beautifully designed logo to the job aspirants so that they can come back to you at some time.

#10 Company meetings
Company meetings are everywhere; you can utilize this opportunity to promote your brand from your own office.

These are just a glimpse of ways you can promote your brand with Flash Drives, if you want to order 1 GB flash drive bulk at wholesale buy form

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